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Jul. 2nd, 2010

from the Bayeux Tapestry...

A fresh start and an explanation.


This. Is it bad that I want a clean(er) slate and start drawing subjects outside of my realm? Better do it now at the age of 15 than later!

My "HistoryKnightLS" monicker probably turned off millions from coming to see my little monsters/commissioning me to make them...stuff. Would you want to buy a perfume called "Dumpster", despite its scent to be superior to that of a thousand roses?

To my long-time pals who have known me as "Knight", you can still refer to me by that name. XD It looks cuter without its jacket. I'm the same nerdy-butt elitist OUIaboo Filipino kid who sekkritly wants to become a Frenchie. Just because I'm running around with the sketchpad and drawing animu characters (in my own weirdo style, duh) and some OC's doesn't mean that I'm going to turn into

Debates still rage over whether she is a troll or not. Is that Gackt's "Vanilla" I hear in the background?

Let's see how this goes. I still have not abandoned my HKLS account. It's going to be there to serve the purposes of showcasing some good old-fashioned S&G. ;) YES, I will still update it with sketches and juvenile toilet humor, but my more (how do I phrase thisss...) "detailed" things will go to L-est.

May. 31st, 2010

from the Bayeux Tapestry...

Nickius Jontpercy and KAKKASHROOM illustrations

XD Yeah, yeah, I KNOW I said I'd be panicking and cramming up for the final exams, but I also need to breathe, too.

I also cannot believe that I will be studying for finals on the sacred Barricade Day. Conan O'Brien High school, this is sacrilege. And remake is actually getting done, but not in time for Barricade Day, perhaps.

I have this really stupid goal of trying to make 1000 bux this summer in order to buy a big, heaping chunk of machinery called Wacom Cintiq 12UX, and I plan to do this by doing the only thing I'm remotely even good at, which is not making ghey threats to fry human body parts in hot grease and serve them with a side of Garden Salad. I need some help getting the horrid name out before remaking this commission list like that chick from THE HILLS, so-any suggestions on how I should do this?

Good luck on Finals, kids. C:

And if you are graduating/about to graduate/simply glad that you are finally finished with this farce, I salute you and wish only the best for your cute, adorable soul.


Dec. 3rd, 2009

from the Bayeux Tapestry...



Nov. 15th, 2009


A srs inquiry.

Many peoples write Enjolrasuu as a law student. What do you think he studies?

Nov. 5th, 2009




Quarter 2 has commenced.  Already I feel as though I've been working harder than before.  In the middle of working on an English paper about Carton and Darnay.  Yes, I will post it up once I am finished.

My immature side beckons me to post some stupid videos up here.  I won't listen.  There's way too much SHT00PEEEEED in this world.


Oct. 26th, 2009

from the Bayeux Tapestry...

End of a quarter

Despite the fact that I am not posting anything new, or speaking much, I am just checking in to say that I am alive, thriving, lulzy, and working on commissions and school kakkanen-finishing up those ToTC portraits...still no access to camera or scanner. 

And I love Sydney Carton more than ever before.  Charles Darnay is a pretty princess who is always in the need of a bailout.

This is a fragment of a fanfic that I wrote, with the aid of the fabulous leiaisluf

It is untitled.  Yes, this is the one in which Combeferre and E discuss symbolism for 5,000 hours straight.  LOL yes Lussac was a real chemistry professor at the Sorbonne from 1808-1839.



Emitting from a thousand nameless creatures miles above the ground were enigmatic swatches of what seemed to be some form of light.
A great drum accompanied them in their journey across the sky, sounding a rather alarming, capricious rhythm.

Ah, yes-a Thursday afternoon indeed.


On this particular afternoon, Olivier Combeferre peered outside from the apartment window that he shared with his friend, pressing his face against the glass.  After arriving from a remarkable, yet rather lengthy chemistry lecture, he wanted to admire nature by reflecting upon it.  Oh, that dear old Professor Lussac!  His findings and observations about the way atoms could combine greatly fascinated Olivier, inspiring him to press on and gain even more knowledge about chemical bonds and atomic volume.

A clap of thunder echoed throughout the city, and following it were small drops of water, which gradually increased in size as the sky darkened.  

Hearing a fit of coughing from the bed opposite his own, Olivier hurried over to the gentle figure enveloped in blankets.  

“Marc, my dear, are you alright?”
Enjolras sat up and blinked.  “Of course not,” he replied bitterly.  “This fever is keeping me from concentrating on anything.  Truly a nuisance, and it’s been raging on for nearly three days.”
Olivier, even with all his power could not stifle a small laugh after hearing what his friend just told him.